Laniece’s Powerful Protection Powder
  • Laniece’s Powerful Protection Powder


    Laniece’s Powerful Protection Powder

    (Hotfoot powder, Hoodoo powder)


    No Harm to you!

    No Harm to me!

    Enemy stay far away from me!


    (Product can be sprinkled in front of the foot of someone that you don’t want around you, also can be placed in shoe of person you want to leave your space, even sprinkled at doors and windows of home for protection from malevolence.)

    • Purchase Agreement

      This product was not made for ill intent nor to cause harm and intended for protection only. If the buyer or gifted persons use this product in a negative way or with ill intent it is solely on them (you).


       LANIECE’S LLC (Laniece Ware) has no ties nor bond physically, spiritually, nor any realm with the outcome of the intent placed after given or sold of this product and release all responsibility of use to the buyer or gifted person.


      (By Buying or excepting this product you agree to these terms.)


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