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Yes! We are publishing our own Tarot Card Deck


 My company offers healing services at our Spa/Shop located in Obetz,Oh, also paintings and other various products in-store and online.

We also have customization options and portrait paintings available for order online and at our Spa/Shop.(all portrait request will not be publicized without documented permission from clients)

Our YouTube channel is where you can see products being made that will be available on our physical location and site for sale.


Art has always been a huge factor in my life I used to spend endless hours drawing and painting distracting myself from the pain associated with JRA (Junior rheumatoid arthritis) Now as an adult painting and creating is very therapeutic, healing, and relaxing to me, so now I have the opportunity to do what I love  and that’s creating and giving so all original paintings that are sold 50% goes to helping people with autoimmune diseases such as JRA, Sickle cell, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc...

(Receipt of Donation and Certificate of Authenticity is given with the purchase of every Original Painting)

The reason I made this company was to give back and come up with a way to be able to give and grow and give more yet maintain the giving.

As this company grows there will be job opportunities and more ways for us to give back.


Laniece E. Ware


Certified Holistic Herbalist,

Certified in Yoni-Vaginal Steam,

Certified Usui Reiki Master

Certified in CPR,AED,and First Aid

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New Metaphysical spa/shop location Obetz, Ohio

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